Special Collection Drive

Special Collection Drive

By GMA Treasury Desk

First and foremost all praise to the Almighty Allah who has blessed us with this beautiful deen of Islam and has made us amongst the Umma(t) of his most beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam. We thank him for the many favours he has blessed us with one of which is the ability to practice our religion freely and with that the ability to attend our Masaajids for our daily prayers.

Alhamdulillah we have an abundance of these and may it always be that way. We also thank Him for making us part of the Greenside, Emmarentia and surrounds community and for blessing us with a beautiful Masjid. The Masjid is now 11 years old and through the years we have seen our Muslim community increase magnificently. It is such a pleasure to see our Masjid getting filled for all Salaah times and especially Fajr, Maghrib and Esha.

Alhamdulillah the Association has always enjoyed the regular and continuous support from the community and for this we say Jazakallah. Needless to say that as the Masjid ages so do the costs of Masjid-maintenance increase. The ongoing maintenance costs mostly relating to plumbing and electrical issues are constantly increasing and we find ourselves having to make regular payments to service providers often placing strain on cash flows.

We are still considering our options in terms of the development of the property situated opposite the Masjid. At this stage we do not have sufficient funds to commence any type of development. Ideally we would like to have raised enough money to successfully embark upon and complete whatever development may be necessary for the fulfillment of the needs of our community. We are in constant talks with the adjoining neighbor and he has confirmed that should he ever decide to sell his property he would give the GMA the first option. That being the case we would need to have sufficient funds in the Bank should this transaction materialize InshaAllah. These types of acquisitions are becoming increasinglycommon in our Muslim communities as has been the case with our neighbors namely, Northcliff; Auckland Park and Houghton. We strongly believe that this would be in the interest of our community as well as provide the GMA ample opportunity and scope for further expansion.

Alhamdulillah the Mussallah in Roosevelt Park is also witnessing a significant increase in the number of Musallees. We are still in the process of obtaining the necessary municipal approvals before commencement of the construction of the Masjid. We anticipate this process to be finalized shortly InshaAllah.

All the above projects and activities require the full physical and financial support of our community.

Alhamdullilah we have reached the stage where we have the unwavered support of the community and we say shukr to Allah that we are not encumbered in any way. With this in mind we will be embarking on our annual Mubarak Ramadaan month collection drive. This is not just to raise money, but rather to gear ourselvesup with sufficient funds for the intended expansion to cater for the growing community’s needs. We humbly appeal to one and all to please open your hearts and their wallets and take benefit from the blessings of Allah by contributing most generously. We sincerely thank those community members who contribute regularly by way of monthly debit orders and some by regular cash contributions or direct deposits.

Alhamdulillah, we continue to raise funds during the regular Jumu’ah collection and we thank all those anonymous donors for their most generous contributions. This collection is critical and assists the GMA tremendously in meeting its monthly obligations.

This Ramadaan our Fund Raising team members will try their best to visit every family in the area to encourage you to make a regular financial commitment. This will be a challenging task so we make a humble appeal that you assist in this process by contacting them or meeting them in the Masjid if possible. If you are already a regular contributor, Alhamdulillah you may want to review your contribution. We would like to monitor the collection process especially for us to project expected income and understand the extent to which we can commit to future expenses. Debit-Order forms are available from the Masjid, Library and on our website.

To facilitate the collection process, our banking details for those who want to make direct transfers are as follows:

Greenside Muslim Association Musjid Account

Bank Acc No: 503 100 904 99

First National Bank – Fordsburg

Branch Code: 25 25 05

Please advise us when you make your contribution to help us reconcile funds coming in and to issue receipts accordingly.

Our Madrasah remains self funded from fees charged to learners and statements are sent out regularly. We would like to urge parents to settle outstanding amounts timeously. We do experience a backlog of outstanding amounts at the end of the year which results in an unnecessary burden on the association.

Alhumdulillah the GMA Women’s Forum has had many fund raising events and these have been a great help towards adding to our revenue collection.

Regrettably GMA does not collect Zakaat. There are many other Organizations in the locality that specialize in the distribution of Zakaat; we would urge you to contact them directly.We thank you for your support and commitment to this request. We trust that you realise the need for our

Association to be financially sound. If we all make regular payments,Inshallah the task becomes easier for everybody. Jazakallah.

Abdool Razaak Hassim – Chairperson

Moosa Jeena – Convener of Fund Raising

Imraan Patel / Naeem Hadjee – Treasury

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