Journey of Faith: Hindu to Christian to Muslim

The GMA Da’wah Team, with the Leadership of Azhar Gardee organised a light Dialogue event at the Holy Family Catholic College on 28-May. The guest speakers were Yusuf Bux and Pastor Mokesh Morar. The event was filmed by SABC-1.

Pr Mokesh spoke about his Hindu background and becoming a Catholic Priest. He also covered aspects about his political life and its influences during the anti-apartheid struggle. Yusuf spoke about his Journey from a nonreligious atheist who attended Catholic School to discovering Truth in Islam.

Yusuf explained how his birth (in the UK) through his English Protestant mother and an exiled South African Marxist-Communist father, caused him to attend an all Christian schooland led him to question many inconsistencies. His father passed-on when he was at primary-school and his mother had re-married a Catholic Englishman. They did not object to him joining the Methodist youth club. Yusuf explained how he found the Trinity (and other things) in conflict with the concept of One-God, but he celebrated Christmas and Easter and leaned moretowards atheism until he met the famous Muslim debater Ahmed Deedat on a holiday to South Africa – while visiting his father’s family. Yusuf explained: “Tawheed (The Oneness of God) was a real turning point for me that made absolute sense. Also listening to what the Quran had to say about who Jesus (PBUH) was, just made much more sense to me also. I then took the Shahada (the Islamic deceleration of faith) at the hand of Sh Ahmed Deedat. I met a nice Guji girl (Muslim girl from Gujarat) got married and ended up living in South Africa till today”.

Pr Mokesh did not talk much about Catholicism but did speak about Hinduism and his journey and belief in One God. Yusuf was engaged in a theological discussion on the Trinity doctrine during the Q&A time. He explained how “Christianity teaches that Jesus was the second person of the Trinitarian Godhead who came to die for the sins of the world. These beliefs however, are based on centuries of development, dispute and disagreement. Not one prophet including Jesus PBUH ever taught that God was three in one in a Trinity. The bible teaches that God is One.”

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