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GMA Newsletter 1443-2022 – By Moulana Muhammad Ameen Ravat GMA Newsletter 1443-2022 As the dawn of Ramadhaan approaches, offering us glimpse of its golden rays of purity, every Muslim around the world prepares to experience the warm ambience which only this month can bring. From Suhoor to Iftaar to Taraaweeh Salaah, Ramadhaan brings together brothers, sisters, parents and children. In… Read more →


GMA Newsletter 1443-2022 After Fajr: Tafseer/Hadith Lesson After Zuhr: Short Hadith After Asr: Virtues of RamadhanListening to a Juz (Para) a day, completing the entire Quran Shareef during Ramadhan 15 Minutes Before Iftaar: Ta’leem± 7 Minutes Before Esha: Lessons from taraweeh recitation After Taraweeh: Seerah – Aspects from the Mubarak Life of our Beloved Nabi (SAW) Last 10 Nights: Zikr… Read more →