GMA Newsletter 1443-2022

We are writing this message at a very difficult and challenging time facing our Community, our Ummah, our Country and the World at large.
At the outset, we extend our sincere greetings to all members of our community and we make special Du’a that Allah Ta’ala grants Jannatul Firdous to all those in our community that have passed on and may their families be granted sabr and contentment.

Alhamdulillah the Corona Covid 19 Pandemic has eased off with Allah Ta’ala’s help and our Masjid has now reverted to normality.

The GMA held its 12th Biannual General Meeting on 30th October 2021 – we have several new Executive Members (see list at the end of the newsletter). We would like to thank previous Executive Members and Management team members for their contribution and the time they have afforded the GMA – May Allah Ta’ala accept their efforts.

GMA Newsletter 1443-2022

Ramadhan is upon us once again and we have the perfect opportunity to seek forgiveness, inculcate Taqwa, reaffirm our Deen and value systems and engage Allah Ta’ala’s help.

Alhamdulillah, our community continues to grow with new families moving into the area every month, this can be seen from the new faces at the Masjid. We welcome all our new residents and urge you to make yourself known to any of the GMA Management Team if we can assist in any

With the grace of the Almighty we are grateful to see new Islamic facilities being developed in the surrounding areas, namely:

The Roosevelt Park Masjid, which is currently under Construction – due to the excessive rains we have experienced – opening has been delayed, (see separate report in this newsletter).

The Westcliff Muslim Association has secured a property with the intention to start a Musalla and they are currently going through the approval process.

A Musalla has been opened in Victory Park – situated at 1 Andre Steet – Pierneef Park.

We are glad to advise you that Alhamdulillah GMA has been able to secure the property opposite the Masjid – the house at the corner of Barry Herzog and Ingalele Roads. Strategically this is a very important acquisition for the Association . This property will enable GMA to develop the precinct around the Masjid with additional facilities required for the community. We will now be working towards how to develop the site, which will take a few years to get plans approved and build up our Building Fund Insha-Allah.

Alhamdulillah our Financial position remains healthy with continued regular contributions from the community, despite challenging economic times – the key to this has been everybody making regular contributions, be it through Jummah collection, debit orders, direct transfers or giving your contribution to any of the Imams and GMA Management Team Members. Bank details are in this newsletter.

We have been very fortunate to have built up over the years a strong financial base. Please note our situation is different from where it was in the past. Having to pay for the Roosevelt Masjid and the new house, our reserves have been depleted. Income earned from these capital amounts that were invested assisted in paying for some of our increases in cost, this will no longer be available. Over R450K was earned from these Investments in the last Audited Financial Statements.

A humble appeal is now made to existing contributors to review their contribution and new residents to make regular monthly commitments. It now becomes essential to rebuild our reserves to cater for an increase in cost and future Capital Projects especially developing properties opposite the Masjid Insha-Allah.

GMA Newsletter 1443-2022

Our Masjid is now into its 16th year and you would have noticed there has been the need to do extensive repairs and maintenance on an ongoing basis. The cost of maintenance is getting greater every year. The budgeted cost this year is estimated at R2,1 million per annum – see separate Reports in the Newsletter.

Our Madrasah performed well last year with good results and its roll has increased this year. Efforts are made to improve the facility on an ongoing basis. Budgeted costs this year are estimated at R2.5 million per annum the bulk of which will be recoverable from fees. (See separate Report)

The Burial and Cemetery responsibilities have been diligently executed by Br Farhad Adam and his team of volunteers. This is difficult portfolio requiring them to be available 24/7.The Covid period has been very challenging to this team – Allah Ta’ala reward them for their efforts.

The Greenside Muslim Women’s Group is very active in a variety of activities and continues to do very good work in assisting the community. (See separate Report) We would like to thank our Imaam’s Ml Burhan and Ml Ravat, our Madrasah Principal Ml Motara and his staff, the Masjid and Security staff, the GMWG ladies, the GMA Executive and Management Team in all their respective portfolios and members of the community who assist us from time to time, for their commitment and dedication in serving the community. May Allah Ta’ala reward you all for your good efforts.

We wish all our residents a blessed Ramadhan and humbly request that you forgive us for our shortcomings. Keep safe and use your time effectively in Ibadaat and kindly remember us in your Du’as. JazakAllah

GMA Newsletter 1443-2022

Imraan Patel (Current GMA Chairman)
And Abdool Razaak Hassim (Past GMA Chairman)

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