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  1. Mashallah on your website… it allows residents like me who now live abroad to continue to hear and learn from our Ulema.

    It would be nice if you guys could add links to the website that would allow visitors to look at other Islamic sites…

    1. Slmz,

      These can be purchased at the Library or contact contact brother Mohammed Dockrat 0825625530 or Muazzin


  2. are there receivers available for the masjid so that the residents in the areas are able to hear the azaan etc at home? if not, will it be possible to introduce the receiver system to the masjid please?


    1. Wslmz,

      Yes there are athaan receivers available, you may contact Haroon Dadabhay on 082 332 2090 for more information.


  3. MashaALLAH website.
    I could not find Namaaz times for the Masjid. We have the yearly on posted on the notice boards, it would be nice to see that on the website?
    I don’t live to close to the Masjid unfortunately but would really like to be kept informed as to what is going on with the Masjid and within the community. I do receive mails but what are the chances of putting in an SMS service to let people know of all the happenings?

    1. As requested please see the new page”Salaah Times”, however these times are subject to change especially in Ramadaan. Also Maghrib salaah is based on Sunset times which are not included on this timetable. We will put on a ramadaan specific calendar closer to ramadaan insha allah

  4. Assalaamu-alaikum I do not reside in the Greenside area but I will be working there as of this week InshAllah. I would like to know if there are ladies facilities for Jummah.

  5. Salaam alaykum,

    Are Radio Bilal receivers still being sold? If so, who can I contact regarding this?


    1. Slms,

      I purchased from Ahlan wa Sahlan in Fordsburg. They have stock. AHLAN WASAHLAN, FORDSBURG, 011 837 1002.

    1. Slmz,

      These can be purchased at the Library or Ahlan Wasahlan in Fordsburg.

      (or use the streaming on the website)


  6. As salaam

    Please may I ask which WordPress theme you are using on this website.
    I would like to use the same for our musallah in Durban


  7. Comment: I am a new resident in Linden. I am a retired English Lecturer from the University of Venda (Limpopo) and intend affiliating to Masjidur Rahmah Community. May Allah bless all the members of Executive body who have been working tirelessly and the Musallies and the entire ummah with the abundance of Rahmah from Allahu Taalah. Amen.

  8. Asalamualikum Alhamdulillah we are really amazed at your madressa standards.. we also pleased that the committee has signed up young teachers, my nephew attend Mawlana Ahmed Ameens class and his level of quraan has picked up in a short while. According to him he also learns day to day contemporary issues even though he doesn’t attend full time.

    Jzkl to the principal and educators who make effort on our little ones

  9. As salaamu alaikum,

    I am from Durban and would like to know if you offer part time hifz classes after school for 12 year olds.
    If so, what are the days and times please.

    I look forward to your feedback. Inshaa Allah.

    Jazakallah Khair

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