Parking etiquette

As Muslims, we have twice the responsibility when it comes to abiding by laws which govern our use of public spaces. Firstly, when these rules are there to protect the rights of fellow human beings, then it is our Islamic duty to avoid making it difficult for others. We are in fact encouraged to go out of our way to make the lives of others easier. Secondly, as citizens of a country, we have an Islamic obligation to follow the rules of the country, particularly when they support rather than conflict with the laws of Islam.

We have a further duty to be ambassadors of our faith when we share our space with a mixed community, towards whom we have an obligation to invite toward Islam. Our actions are the best way to achieve this.

The scene below is typical of Jummah and other busy periods at the Masjid. While the majority of the musallee’s make an effort to arrive early and find legal parking spots, we find that others are less mindful about their actions.

At the very least, it is an inconvenience, but there are cases where this kind of disregard may have more serious impact. For example, the road is part of a bus-route and double-parking often means that the busses are not able to pass. Consider the commuters on the bus that may need to reach home, or work or have appointments. Consider the implications of blocking a home-owner from leaving their home, in the case of an emergency. Who’s liability will it be if a life is lost as a result of this inconsiderate behaviour?

If one is late for the Jummah prayer, parking inconsiderately is only going to further degrade the value of that prayer, so it is in fact a further loss. Accept that it is too late to undo the error in not preparing for Jummah on time on this particular occasion, and make better preparations on the next occasion.

Please consider the points above and advise your fellow musallees, in a kind and dignified manner, if you see this kind of behaviour in future.